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Family Plan

Chiropractic Wellness Should Be A Family Plan!

If you have members of your family at home, don't leave them home to develop the same problems you may have. Bring them in and let us help keep your family in the best of health with our Family Wellness Plan.

The Family Wellness Plan is designed to allow you to bring your children in for care. We understand the problems in health care today, in particular, the high costs of quality care and the lack of insurance coverage for preventive care. With 2 or more people the cost escalates out of proportion.

At Coastal Chiropractic Clinic we believe in Prevention and Wellness care. So we have developed a payment plan that makes it possible for your whole family to have complete chiropractic care at an affordable cost even when health insurance is not available or denies you this service. Don't wait until the problems get out of hand. It's easier to stay healthy than to try and get healthy once you are sick or hurting!

The Family Plan

This plan is a cash plan and as such it is not offered with billing arrangements or insurance claim printing. The children's fees are prepay only and do not include insurance billing.  If insurance coverage is available and claims will be needed, it may be more cost effective to utilize the coverage.  If at any time you have a particular financial need, please speak with one of our office staff.

The structure of the plan is as follows:

  • 1st Parent - Regular Fees, $38 cash visits
  • 2nd Parent - Regular Fees, $28 cash visits
  • 1st Child* - Pays for any x-rays necessary then $240 for 20 visits
  • 2nd Child* - Pays for any x-rays necessary then $160 for 20 visits
  • 3rd and on* - No Charge

*Considered Child when under 12.

Adults over the age 65 are Medicare insured and since we must provide claims, the fees are based on Medicare guidelines.

Annual Fees are paid at the start of care and are good for the exact number of visits prescribed and scheduled.

NOTE: Should accidents, illness or injuries occur which require excess exams, x-rays, documentation, care or billing procedures, the fee structure will return to normal for that patient. The determination of excess care is made by the doctor.

At least one parent or guardian must be an active patient in order to use the Family Plan. "Active" means being in for care a minimum of every 3 months.

We're here to help keep your family healthy. Don't neglect the other spines in the household.

We know that some insurance policies cover chiropractic care but have such high deductibles and such limited services covered that it is difficult to bring more than one person at a time to a doctor. But Preventive Care is valuable and Wellness Care keeps future costs down.

Also some insurance policies cover various types of care but may omit chiropractic entirely. Let us help you with our FAMILY WELLNESS PLAN. It is specially designed for those without health insurance or for those with special financial needs who desire our services.

Remember, lifetime chiropractic care creates lifetime wellness. Donít deny your family spinal health care.

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